James Previti

James Previti

James Previti and the Previti Foundation

James Previti is the founder of the John P. Previti Foundation and the president and CEO of Frontier Communities and Frontier Enterprises.

He established the foundation in 2009 in memory of his brother, John, to provide philanthropic support to worthy organizations. The Previti Foundation funds non-profits that assist at-risk youth, support community building, and lead the fight against substance abuse.

These areas of focus are a natural fit with James Previti’s business initiatives. Frontier Enterprises helps to rebuild neighborhoods that are burdened with foreclosed properties, blighted homes, and absentee ownership. As a result of the work of both the foundation and the business, communities—and those who live in them—have a brighter future.

About Frontier Enterprises

Neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates and blighted homes often attract crime. When a house enters foreclosure or REO, Frontier Enterprises aims to repair the property and establish new home ownership.

The company fully renovates the house: installing new appliances, granite countertops, flooring, and landscaping. It also makes much-needed repairs.

Through the leadership of Jim Previti, this model moves foreclosed homes from acquisition to renovation to resale within 30 to 90 days. More than 60% of Frontier Enterprises’ houses are purchased by first-time homebuyers. With this system, both houses and communities are restored.

About the Previti Foundation

Professional success and personal commitment go hand-in-hand. James Previti’s community-building projects through Frontier Enterprises are matched by the funding he provides through the Previti Foundation.

James Previti’s charitable work has supported almost 100 different organizations throughout the United States, including:

  • Cedar House: Outpatient and residential treatment services for those impacted by chemical dependency.
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center: A quality coeducational health sciences institution.
  • Cigar Family Charitable Foundation: Support for communities that lack access to quality education, health care, nutrition, and sustainable employment.
  • Steven’s Hope for Children

Non-profit groups that fit the mission of the Previti Foundation are encouraged to apply for grant funding. James and his team support both ongoing causes, including programs for at-risk youth, and concerns of an immediate and pressing nature, such as disaster relief for communities.

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