Jim Previti

Jim Previti

Jim Previti and the Mission of the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation

While our society faces many challenges, some of the most problematic come from the same sources. Jim Previti established the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation to address these root causes.

Jim created the Previti Foundation with the mission of helping at-risk youth, families, and individuals overcome adversity in order to lead healthy, productive lives. The organization makes targeted grants to effective non-profits focused on this goal.

How We Work

The foundation was launched in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Since its inception, the organization and Jim Previti have provided over $1 million in aid to qualified groups helping those in need. The personal contributions of many different individuals support our mission.

Organizations apply for aid through the Previti Foundation, and Jim and the leadership staff assess the grant application based several factors. These include the availability of funds and the fit of the organization with our mission.

Almost 100 different groups have benefited from our funds. We have provided grants to non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Club; Cedar House; Children’s Fund; and YMCA. While beneficiaries work in different ways, each organization helps at-risk youth lead better lives; assists those struggling with substance abuse; or revitalizes communities with much-needed resources.

How to Get Involved

If you are an individual interested in assisting with these causes, we invite your support. The Previti Foundation can answer any questions you have about our work and provide you with details about our past successes. Donations are accepted online.

If you represent an organization focused on our mission, Jimmy Previti and the Previti Foundation would like to know more about you. Please take these steps:

  1. Learn about the criteria for applying to receive a grant. This information is available through our website.
  2. Submit the required application for consideration.
  3. Our team will review the information you have provided. Decisions are based on available funding; the immediacy and priority of needs; the grant’s expected impact; and the fit with our mission.

To learn more about the Previti Foundation and our recent efforts in the community, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.