Frontier Enterprises | Previti Memorial Foundation

Frontier Enterprises | Previti Memorial Foundation

Jim Previti, Frontier Enterprises, and the Previti Memorial Foundation

Jim Previti is founder of Frontier Enterprises and the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation. While each entity has a different purpose, both are linked by the goal of improving life for those in need. We invite you to learn more about each organization below.

Overview of Frontier Enterprises

Frontier Enterprises is a different kind of company. While business success motivates our work, we also aim to give neighborhoods the opportunity to transform and grow.

Jim Previti established the business to address a pressing need. The company promotes communities and home ownership while removing vacant and neglected houses that attract crime and blight.

Frontier Enterprises purchases homes that are in foreclosure or REO. It makes important renovations to the interior and exterior, such as landscaping, updates to the kitchen and appliances, and interior repairs. Once the home has been restored, the company seeks buyers who plan to reside in the home. Frontier Enterprises has brought more than 1,500 homes valued at $500 million out of foreclosure; families and first-time owners represent a large portion of its buyers.

The Previti Memorial Foundation

Jim Previti’s work with Frontier Enterprises reflects his personal commitment to the cause of community building. He established the Previti Memorial Foundation to provide funding for organizations that focus on at-youth risk, neighborhood revitalization, and substance abuse.

Many non-profits have benefited from this commitment, including Cedar House Life Change Center; Loma Linda University Medical Center, and Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. To date, the foundation has given over $1 million to almost 100 different organizations that deal with these areas of concern.

The Previti Foundation has a formal application process that ensures that groups receiving funds will address problems that are core to its mission. Grants are provided for ongoing causes, such as chemical dependency programs, and for immediate needs such as disaster relief for communities. The grants that the foundation offers continue to grow in size as more and more people donate to its cause.

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