John P Previti Memorial Foundation

John P Previti Memorial Foundation

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The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation was established in 2009 by James Previti to provide substantial, meaningful charitable funding.

We offer grants to organizations that support at-risk youth, community building initiatives, and substance abuse programs. Our reach is both local and national: the foundation has given over $1 million to more than 100 groups throughout Southern California and the United States.

About the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation

As a grant-making organization, the Previti Foundation reviews applications from many worthy non-profit groups. We provide funding for ongoing causes as well as immediate and timely concerns. This flexibility means that we invest in the future while providing for people who require help today.

Our mission focuses on these three causes because we recognize the long-ranging impact that each has. We also see the connection between all three.

    • When we fund at-risk youth programs, we give options to children and teens that might otherwise turn to crime and drugs.
    • By assisting those struggling with substance abuse, we help them find a new way forward. We also strengthen families and prevent a cycle of chemical dependency.
    • Granting funds to community building organizations revitalizes neighborhoods that may otherwise attract blight, crime, and violence.

With this focus, we aim to make a true difference for those in need.

About James Previti

James created the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation to honor the memory of his brother and to invite others to support causes that carry personal meaning for him. He has provided thousands of dollars in funding to charitable organizations, and he has spent hundreds of hours volunteering at local substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation programs.

James’ company, Frontier Enterprises, is also focused on the goals of the foundation. The business has restored communities across the country by purchasing previously-foreclosed properties and turning those houses into beautifully-restored homes. Frontier Enterprises works to sell these properties to families and first-time buyers so that neighborhoods can experience a new beginning.

Join Our Mission

Whether you are part of an organization in need of funding or an individual interested in our work, we invite you to learn more about the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation. Visit