Two Ways to Restore a Community

Neighborhoods struggling with blight, crime, and violence seem to face insurmountable problems. Still, we know that there are solutions.

One solution: revitalize neighborhoods one home at a time.

This idea is central to the work of Frontier Enterprises. Founded by James Previti, a respected California homebuilder, Frontier aims to repair foreclosed properties and to have them occupied by a new homeowner.

The company has found success renovating these properties and transforming them into beautiful new homes: repairing damage; replacing appliances; overhauling kitchens; and creating attractive yard space.

Once the work is complete, Frontier Enterprises focuses on selling properties to people who will actually live in the home rather than selling to companies that plan to rent the house. 60% of Frontier Enterprise homes go to first-time homeowners. Many more go to families and people who want to build a life in these communities.

To date, Frontier Enterprises has transformed more than $500 million in foreclosed properties. As the result of this work, houses that have attracted crime and blight are now homes for committed neighbors. This type of owner will play an everyday role in the improvement of their community.

This work has a reflection in another of John Previti’s endeavors: the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation. Named in honor of James’ brother, the foundation follows a second strategy for community building:

Provide communities with the resources that they need to help themselves.

The Previti Foundation offers significant and important funding for organizations that focus on its core mission: addressing the problems of at-risk youth; communities in need; and substance abuse.

Since its launch in 2009, the Previti Foundation has given over $1 million to almost 100 different non-profit groups in Southern California and throughout the country. The foundation considers grant applications from organizations that have both ongoing causes and immediate needs.

For example, it has provided funding for groups such as the Red Cross to offer relief in the wake of disaster. It has also given thousands of dollars to houses of worship, neighborhood centers, and other programs that serve their areas every day. Because these organizations are local, they know how to provide assistance when and where it is required.

With the work of both Frontier Enterprises and the Previti Foundation, we aim to create safer communities with more opportunity for youth, individuals, and families. Join us by visiting.