The John P. Previti Foundation | Jimmy Previti

The John P. Previti Foundation | Jimmy Previti

James Previti, the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation, and Causes That Make a Difference

Certain issues have a deep and resounding impact on the future. When we provide resources to address them, we create new opportunities for us all.

This idea is at the core of the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation, started in 2009 by James Previti. Our mission is to help people overcome adversity in order to lead healthy, productive lives.

“Jimmy” Previti established the foundation to honor the memory of his brother, John, and to mirror his personal commitment to improving our communities. The Previti Foundation funds organizations that focus on one of three separate but interrelated issues.

At-risk youth

When children and teens lack effective support systems, they become more susceptible to problems such as crime, violence, and chemical dependency. The Previti Foundation provides grants to arts programs; sports; youth centers; and camps that give children and teens better alternatives and a brighter future.

Substance abuse

Chemical dependency can have a significant impact on families, youth, and individuals. With proper resources, those struggling with substance abuse can make important changes in their life. In addition to the thousands of dollars these organizations receive from the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation, Jimmy Previti personally contributes time as a volunteer for substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Community revitalization

The risks that children and teens face are sometimes connected to the environment in which they live. Dilapidated homes and foreclosed properties can lead to blight and crime. A lack of community centers, spaces, and local support systems can make these problems worse.

James Previti addresses these community concerns in two ways. First, the Previti Foundation provides grants to ongoing causes as well as pressing and immediate issues that communities face, such as disaster relief.

Second, James supports neighborhood progress through his company, Frontier Enterprises. Frontier Enterprises restores foreclosed properties and helps to sell them to families and first-time owners. The result is a group of committed neighbors who, through foundational grants and non-profit support, have the resources to move their community forward.

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