Steven’s Hope for Children


The John J. Previti Memorial Foundation supports the many programs and projects Steven’s Hope for Children makes available to families with a seriously ill or injured children. We are honored to have had donated towards a special cause, supporting children and their families during the financially and emotionally challenging time of a child’s extended care & rehabilitation while away from home.

“The needs of these families include basic necessities including food, clothing and shelter.  But, there is so much more that Steven’s Hope families have come to rely on: Steven’s Hope being there in there hour of need today and tomorrow. Funding received from The John J. Previti Memorial Foundation did not go to one place.  It was gas cards for Noah’s family, clothing for Isabella, backpacks for the Wilson boys, temporary housing for Maggie and her family, Christmas presents for dozens of children and LoveBoxes to numerous hospitals. The money went to Make Ripples in the lives of children and their families.” – Tony Cappelli, President/Executive Director

To learn more about and support the amazing work that Steven’s Hope for Children do on a daily basis, please visit their website and connect with them on Facebook.



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