Making a Difference in Children’s Lives – The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation & Children’s Fund

James Previti and the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation continue to help make a difference in the lives of children. They do so by donating funds to amazing organizations that make it their mission to improve the wellbeing of kids. One such organization is called “Children’s Fund.” Children’s Fund works with at-risk, abused, neglected, impoverished and abandoned kids throughout San Bernardino County. Children’s Fund provides basic necessities (e.g., food, clothing, beds, school supplies) and seeks to improve skill sets and confidence in these children. This organization also provides leadership to, and fundraising for, projects like the Children’s Assessment Center, San Bernardino’s center for children who have been rescued from abuse and neglect. This is the largest and only center in the county that provides a child-friendly environment where these children can receive treatment from specially-trained forensic physicians. This is also a safe place where they can share their story to all appropriate personnel such as investigators, attorneys and law enforcement, at one time. Children’s Fund also provides large scholarship funds for foster and former foster youth at Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State San Bernardino and the county’s four junior colleges.

The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation and James Previti have proudly donated $100,000 to help complete the renovation of an expanded site for the Children’s Assessment Center. Currently, the center operates in a 5,000 square foot facility, including one medical exam room, two interview rooms, and an office for therapy. The new Children’s Assessment Center will provide a significantly expanded opportunity to serve children in crisis, which is set to provide three medical exam rooms, four interview rooms, and three therapy rooms. The expansion is in dire need, due to the fact that, over the last two years, the center has gone from treating 900 children annually to approximately 1,600 this year.

The life-saving intervention, as well as prevention from further abuse, that children receive at the Children’s Assessment Center is truly remarkable. The children that Children’s Fund serves are strong, resilient children who have a bright future. According to CEO Erin Phillips, “Investing in Children’s Fund is investing in the next generation of our region’s business and community leaders.”

To learn more about and support the amazing work that Children’s Fund and the Children’s Assessment Center do on a daily basis, please visit their website: and connect with them on Facebook.