If You Were Going to Change the World, Where Would You Start?

Sometimes, problems are all that we see

Crime, violence, limited access to essential resources. Take a moment now, though, and ask yourself, if you were going to fix the biggest problems that our communities face, where would you begin?

The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation offers one potential answer. We provide funding to
help at-risk youth, families, and individuals overcome adversity in order to lead healthy, productive lives.

Whether our grants are going to the micro level, such as a single youth sports program, or to the macro level, like nationwide community revitalization programs, the Previti Memorial Foundation offers resources that respond to these big problems.

To date, the Previti Foundation has provided over $1 million to almost 100 different organizations in California and throughout the United States. With your support, we are able to help more people in more ways.v

Our areas of focus are…

Helping at-risk youth lead better lives and realize new opportunities. We offer funding to non-profits for the arts; athletics; camps; educational programs; youth centers; and other programs. The work of these non-profits provides children and teens with alternatives to crime and a chance to develop their potential.

Assisting people who are struggling with substance abuse. Chemical dependency affects us on so many levels. It has a corrosive effect on communities. It can destroy families and put children at risk. For the individual dealing with substance abuse, true change may not be possible without proper support. The Previti Memorial Foundation provides grants to medical centers, rehabilitation programs, and therapy groups with proven records of success.

Revitalizing communities with much-needed resources. The Previti Memorial Foundation gives to non-profits that can make a real change at the neighborhood level. Local organizations are often the anchor for families in need. They provide food, shelter, education, medical assistance, and other help at the right place and the right time. By offering grants to these groups, we enable neighbors to care for one another.

None of us has all of the answers to the challenges we face. Still, choosing to take on these problems is the most important decision you can make. We hope you will join us. Visit