Fontana Middle School Updates Library Materials


Fontana Middle School Library receives $5,000 donation from the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation. Top left to right: Dawn Simpson, Michelle Wibert, Lydia Salazar Wibert, Claudia Mason, Vanessa Nordling, Anya Harvey, William Sanders, Principal Sergio Chavez, Paul Cross; Bottom left to right: Martha Cuevas – John P. Previti Memorial Foundation Board Member; Students: Jorge Ortiz, Viviana Medina, Marlene Salcedo, Celeste Bautista-Jimenez, and Kahlie Crutchfield.

When the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation learned about Fontana Middle School Library’s essential need it was taken with the up most regard and a sense of duty to our local students to provide updated books and access to outside resources in order to keep them informed and current. It was with great pleasure for the foundation to donate $5,000 towards such a worthy cause that will make a huge impact on the lives of our children. But the good news didn’t stop there, the Fontana Middle School Site Council generously matched the foundation’s donation and has allocated $5,000 worth of new library books as well, totaling $10,000 to FMS Library.

Fontana Middle School is one of seven middle schools in the Fontana Unified School District which have a variety of academic and enrichment programs to provide children
with the best education possible. Fontana Middle School is fully committed toward ensuring that every single student reaches proficiency in all subjects by maintaining an effective instructional program that will prepare every child for a four year university. The path to college begins early. FMS believes that both parents and educators must work together to enable all our children to develop perfect attendance, excellent behavior, strong study habits, and a focus on learning.

“We really would not be able to be successful without you. Your donation provided new material to our students which was much needed and appreciated. We were able to order brand new books and update our collection which has not been done in years. Because of your donation we also received a donation from our Schools Site Council organization which was also $5,000.” Michelle Wibert – Library Specialist

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