Children’s Fund – Children’s Assessment Center

The John P Previti Memorial Foundation recognizes Children’s Fund continued efforts to improve and serve the lives of abused and neglected children by donating towards the Children’s Assessment Center, a very unique and important service and the only entity of its kind in our county.

“Thanks to the generosity of the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation, children who have endured physical and sexual abuse now have a quality place to be cared for. . . a place where their healing can begin.  The Children’s Assessment Center was established in 1994 to reduce the trauma of child abuse victims in San Bernardino County.  The Assessment Center provides a one-stop facility where children, who have experienced sexual/physical abuse or severe neglect, receive medical examinations by specially trained Forensic Pediatricians and disclose their experience one time to all appropriate personnel simultaneously in a child-friendly environment.

As a result of the growing need for services, an expanded center was secured in 2013 and equipped to better serve the abused children in our county. One unique addition to this center is the healing garden, a place where children can play, take a break, interact with Mack the therapy dog, and just be a child. The Previti grant helped support the creation of this important space as well as various areas of the center overall.

Upon the initial opening of the Center, there was a teen boy that went and rolled on the grass in the garden because he had never seen such soft, green grass. For a moment, he was able to escape the pain of his reality and just enjoy a simple pleasure in life. It’s moments like these and countless others that demonstrate the impact of the Previti Foundation donation.” – Stacy Iverson, President & CEO

The John P Previti Memorial Foundation knows the importance of our youth and the difference it can make by impacting one life at a time….

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