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The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation is a strong supporter of Casa Colina, located in Pomona, Ca. Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare offers the Free Care Fund and other free and subsidized services that are the concrete facts showing Casa Colina’s commitment to its patients and the community, a $1,380,000 investment in the community’s health in the last year.  The Free Care Fund is a critical part of Casa Colina truly pursuing its mission: to provide individuals the opportunity to maximize their medical recovery and rehabilitation potential efficiently in an environment that recognizes their uniqueness, dignity and self-esteem.

“The major donation by the John P. Previti Foundation to Casa Colina’s Free Care Fund in particular has been important in making this level and quality of care available.”

When Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare began serving children with polio in 1938, none of them had health insurance and, for the most part, their parents had no money to pay for their treatment out of pocket. Aggressive fund raising and a very supportive, caring community kept the doors open. Casa Colina’s mission and concept of itself became engrained in the institution at that time, without allowing cost to interfere with decisions for the best care for the patient. Now, seven decades later, Casa Colina has grown to serve tens of thousands of children and adults with many types of disabilities and medical conditions.

“On behalf of the 10,700 patients and more that Casa Colina serves every year, the staff and management of Casa Colina expresses its deep appreciation to the John P. Previti Foundation for recognizing the value of what Free Care can do for our ability to serve our patients.” – Erika Armstrong, Executive Assistant to Dr. Loverso, President & CEO

The John P. Previti Memorial Foundation is proud to contribute to Casa Colina. Learn more about all the resources and care services Casa Colina has to offer.

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