Frontier Enterprises

About Frontier Enterprises and the Previti Foundation

Frontier Enterprises revitalizes neighborhoods, restores homes, and provides opportunities to families and first-time buyers.

Founded by James L. Previti, Frontier Enterprises purchases foreclosed houses that otherwise may attract crime and blight. The company works to repair and renovate these properties; its team installs new appliances, granite countertops, flooring, landscaping, and other value-adding elements. It also makes necessary repairs so that the property is safe and move-in ready.

The Frontier Enterprises’ model transitions foreclosed homes from acquisition to renovation to resale within 30 to 90 days. It focuses on selling to owner occupiers rather than renters; more than 60% of Frontier Enterprises’ restored homes are purchased by first-time home buyers. As a result, homes do not stand abandoned, upkeep is maintained, and neighborhoods have the opportunity to develop.

About the Previti Foundation

Frontier Enterprises’ focus on the community matches the charitable efforts of its founder. James L. Previti also launched the John P. Previti Memorial Foundation in 2009 to offer direct financial support to non-profit groups. Grants from the foundation go to organizations that help at-risk youth, communities in need, and those affected by substance abuse.

To date, the Previti Foundation has provided more than $2 million to non-profits related to these causes. Almost 150 different groups have received funding. These organizations used Previti Foundation grants to help people overcome adversity and lead healthy, productive lives.

In recent giving, the Previti Foundation has provided $1 million to Loma Linda University Health to benefit the new Children’s Hospital tower and the naming of the new Learning Center.

In addition, the Previti Foundation donated $500,000 to Riverside University Health Systems Foundation to fund Pediatric items needed such as activity tablets, toys, books and bookcases for their Medical Center for children to play with while in the waiting areas.

Grants have supported nationwide organizations, such as the YMCA; local youth sports programs; disaster relief for communities; and arts programs for children and teens.

While there is wide variety among organizations that benefit from the Previti Foundation, each shares one common trait: they help to effect real change for those in need. We invite you to learn more about the foundation and the work of Frontier Enterprises. Visit